creating vms

  • create vm with virt-install
    virt-install --name=<name> --vcpus=1 --memory=1024 --cdrom=/path/to/image.iso --disk size=8 --os-variant=<variant>
  • above should automatically start virt-viewer if installed
  • to see available variants incant
    virt-install --osinfo list

managing vms

virsh list --all
virsh start <name>
virsh dominfo <name>

connecting to running vm

  • connect to terminal console

    virsh console <name>
  • connect to gui

    virt-viewer <name>

customise image

  • virt-customize requires libguestfs-tools pkg on debian
    virt-customize -a /path/to/image.qcow2 --root-password password:<passwd> --uninstall cloud-init