mode list


use the following to search channels

/msg alis LIST *searchterm* #ebooks

@search Author/Title
/dcc get Search

locate correct file

!user filename
/dcc get username

ssl port

/connect -tls <irc_server> <port>


  • j <chan> - join channel
  • l <chan> - leave channel
  • m <user> - private message
  • ctrl-n - next window
  • ctrl-p - previous window
  • r <cmd> - send raw
    • r names
    • r whois

adding metatdata to username

i have used this for adding keyoxide proof

/msg nickserv set property key <fingerprint_uri>
/msg nickserv taxonomy <nick>


  • miniircd (lxc container)
    • get ip (
  • ircc (lxc container)
    • ./irc -n guest -u guest -s


colour table

use 256 color tables 1-7 preceded with x (bg) or X foreground, and then a,b,c etc. i.e %x7g