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Quests in Grimoire are really just special Easter Eggs for which you get some experience points. You can see the list of all such finished quests in the journal.

Quest: Dream into the Sky Barge

Equip the Avian Helmet you find in the Eyrie and sleep in the tile with a circle in the North-East of the map. You will be teleported to a flying ship of a mage. After defeating the Watch Dog and the Mage, you can get some very good equipment.

Quest: Restore Crab into Shell House

You find a crab and his shell on the lake maps. Combine the two items and bring the crab to a shallow pool in the SE corner of the Waterport harbor.

Quest: Reach the Coast of Hyperborea

Go as far south as possible until you reach the ocean.

Quest: Catch a Rare Fish from the Well

There are three wells where you can catch three rare fishes. For that you need to first find four pieces of string and a hook in the Waterport maps and on the lake maps.

Quest: Unscrew Eye of Nerukzan

On top of the Nerukzan Pyramid, you need to put an item over the eye first to be able to touch it. Then a character with a good inspection skill needs to try several times to unscrew it.

Quest: Forged the Golden Armor

Bring the golden lock from the Tabernacle to Smithers in the Village of Crowl. He will forge a full set of Golden Armor, including golden helm, gauntlets and greaves.

Quest: Stole the Golden Baby's Quilt Cover

You get this by stealing the Golden Baby's blanket from the bed in Oblivion when Lord Ahriman banishes you there. You can also show the blanket to the Baby and he will identify and comment on it.

Quest: Petrified the Entire Demon Horde

In the end game, you can petrify all the demons outside the window.