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The Key to the Catacombs in the Crusader Temple

Talk to Gorlo about the scandal and ask him for the key. If he refuses to give it to you, cast Charm on him first.

Cenotaph of the Black Lich

The name the talking head at the door wants to hear is that of the monk who became the Black Lich. Ask the Temple Cleric Gorlo about the scandal to learn his name. It's Esoph.

On the altar use the dead rat first and then the Bane of Hobknob. Make sure to keep the Bane of Hobknob, you will need it later.

Knightly Catechism and how to get the Flaming Sword

Pull the first two levers in the Samhain Mausoleum to open the first gate. The talking face will give you a book that you need to give to Sir Coffergus in the Eyrie to translate. The translation contains the answer to the puzzle of the second talking face on the same level (behind a secret door).

After stepping on the magic water tile to become baptized, you can simply click on the wall next to the backer perk chests and it will disappear.

The backer perk chests contain items that are as good as the Flaming Sword, by the way. You need 7 or 8 perk keys to open them all. The last one in the NW is empty, so you really need only 7.

Speaking of the Eyrie, put on the Avian Helmet and then sleep on the round tile in the NE corner of that map. Prepare to be amazed.

The Water Level in Samhain

You'll know it's the water level when you see it. There is a turtle you can ride across the water. For that you need to swim two tiles to the right, then turn right again and swim one more tile. There is a hidden door.

To survive swimming three tiles, either cast Refresh on the lowest setting on each character who runs out of vitality or use a consumable (eg. iron rations) to regain vitality. That will allow them to survive one more water tile.

Getting over the Gorge to Samhain

Pick up the stepping stones from the inventory and drag them to a Use icon of one of the characters. It doesn't work if you click on Use and then on the stepping stones. The idea is that you are putting the stepping stones into your hand and thus activating them.

Museum of Magic puzzle and the Key of the Winged Exemplar

The Kroondergraf machine in the museum is a well done puzzle that relies on an old engraving you find in the catacombs under the temple in Crowl. You can see it later in the journal too by clicking on the Catacombs map and then on the notes for that map in the lower left.

To open the machine, look at which words appear both in the window description and on the machine buttons in the museum. Then press the buttons in the order of those words appearing in the description.

You also need to bring the egg that you find in the Eyrie and crush it with the machine in the Deepsink Project. The resulting omelette needs to be combined with the mechanical egg you get out of the Kroondergraf machine in the museum. Then you need to to put the result into the machine and you will get a toy back.

This toy needs to be brought to the nest in the Eyrie. A short time later you will get the Key of the Exemplar to proceed beyond the first part of the game.


After activating the generator and flooding the city water tanks, don't forget to go to the well you found and use it to go down to the naga caves. There you will have either a pretty difficult fight with four waves of nagas who can kill you with just one hit each - or you can use the feather you found earlier to avoid this fight.

The combination to the column can be found either by talking to the pirate under Waterport, by robbing him or by killing him.

Cathedral Bell and the Sea

To find the Cathedral Bell, you need to talk to the Admiral on board of the ship in Loch Lalain. You can either recruit him for a bit, or steal the diving helmet from him or simply kill him.

The pieces of the bell can be found on the three water maps (Loch Lalain, Titan and Sargasso). Either cast Detect Item to find the pieces or use Detect Secret and visit every water tile.

Once you are on the tile where a piece of the bell is located. Have someone put on the diving helmet and then choose Look.

When you have all pieces, put them together to form the bell. This needs to go back to the Cathedral, where you put the bell back, then use the dial in that room which retracts the bell rope and then downstrais in the room with the vase pull on the metal rope hanging from the ceiling.

This will free Balderdash.

Door Lock Riddles


Multiply me against my own and I remain solitary as myself = ONE

Chester and Hazel are my relations but no kin to me = NUT

A shining alabaster vault am I that holds within a golden heart = EGG

It returns to drink the blood of the young when it grows hungry = WAR

Born into misery but strong in prime and short of breath I lay down to sleep = MAN

You gasp in my absence and blush in my presence = AIR

I spin upon my own self a dance that endlessly revolves around my start = TOP


You cinch me upon my girth that is your girth = BELT

Those who are struck by me lose their nerve and resolve = FEAR

My arrows strike the heart and my daggers the soul = LOVE

Whenever you take pains to take this you avoid sorrow = CARE

It requires two companions one after another to do this journey = WALK

None knows from whence I came nor any that can follow me where I go = WIND


None can change a strand with his oath or return it to its field when it is harvest = HAIR


One who feels this is proofed against his foe and flight = BRAVE

Precious in falling we cannot be collected or saved = TEARS

He who embraces me is soon corrupted by my embrace in turn = POWER

A mighty emperor am I with time as his handmaiden and silence his counsel = DEATH

No man may wear this cloak. But it conceals their misdeeds = NIGHT

A ready general who drives his enemies across the threshold in a pall of dust = BROOM


These rings bind without a betrothal = CHAIN

A white jacket and a pink hat to dine in the larder = MOUSE

This royal battle is always thirty two and thirty two = CHESS

A fire in the belly that vomits forth steel = FORGE

One two three but much indeed with many of me = COINS

Tinsel and paper we are garbed to sit before the pine = GIFTS


A wax vault of golden treasure and a thousand daggers to guard it = BEEHIVE

None bend this bow but five are bent by it = RAINBOW

Ivory ladies on a field of green their suitor all in black = TENPINS

How to enter the Khan Imperial Palace

You need to talk to the girl in one of the secret rooms in the Kublai Cathedral. Note: You need to have some water or food rations with you to feed her before she can talk. Ask her about the PASSWORD.

Alternative: You rob her and find out the password that way. Or you kill her and then reload.

How to enter Skulheim

Show the Bane of Hobknob to the guard at the window (right next to the gate) as proof that you are a friend of darkness.

Spiderwebs in Skulheim

Either get the Jeweled Scimitar from Raji Khan (offer to save the princess) or go to the underground level of Skulheim, get the vials, fill them up with the two fountains, merge the two vials and then put the result into the barrel where something is dripping from the ceiling (NE corner of the map). That will create something to cut through the spiderwebs as well.

And if you recruit Count Orloch, you won't have to fight the Nosferatu.

How to fish in the deep wells

You'll find four pieces of rope: one in the Hall of Commerce under Waterport, one in the Smuggler's Hideout, one in a cave on Loch Titan and one in a dark cave on the Sargasso map. There is also a hook for the fishing line on the Sargasso map in a one-tile piece of land next to the sea.

How to unlock the hidden Eldritch spell page

To unlock the hidden spell page, ask the magic shop owner in the Village of Crowl about "Eldritch". Note that NPC's who join your party after that won't have that page unlocked. The next person who can unlock that page will be a mage you meet after completing a series of puzzles. It's Balderdash who is trapped in the Kublai Cathedral - ask him about "Eldritch" as well.

How to use the Moongates (Black Megaliths)

To use the Moongates (the black megaliths with symbols on them) for teleporting, you need to ask the Mandarin in Kublai Axis about "music". Different Moongates are connected in different ways: some are connected to 3 others, others are connected to just one other, etc.

Hot to enter the Tabernacle

You need the braided golden cord, which you can take off the cockatrice in the Royal Bestiary.

Nerukzan Pyramid Path of the Elders Password

The talking head wants to know what you are offering in the old Rhattu language before he lets you through to the Path of the Elders underground area. You find wall texts on the same floor with translations for the words you need.

The only answer he will accept is VUTAK NER DAKKUTES AKATA.

Chest Codes in Saltwyrm Caverns, Nethergate and Kublai Axis

You receive these codes if you give Ducat most of your money. Depending on how much you have to give away, it may be worth it.

The Codes - Spoiler
Kublai Axis: 3-6-5-2-1-4

The Djinn Puzzle

The djinn's name is:


The possible wishes:

ALAVARZOO - Level up for everyone
ABBADOODOO - Enter the exact name of any non-critical item you would like to receive
ABBAKOOKOO - Travel to Astral Plane
ALAKASHAR - Djinn command word for healing.
ALAVANZOO - Djinn command word to reveal secret page of the spellbook.
ANASHSANSAR - Djinn command word to restore strength.
ARRAKEEZAR - Djinn command word for resurrection spell.

Endgame: How to get through N-Space and Oblivion

Touch all the Megaliths in N-Space to be teleported to a new map (Daemongate).

There, put the items that the three demons left behind into the kettle. Show the fake tablet to the demons behind the window.

To get a powerful sword from the fire in the middle of the map, you need to know the name of the Master Djinn (learned at Refuge of the Ancients): AXASHAZZAR

The next map (Oblivion) has three riddles - the answers to those are the words the three demons screamed on the previous map: TIME, ENTROPY and ETERNITY. After answering all three riddles, touch one of the stone faces again.

Endgame: How to pass the endless corridor

Equip the clock you found on that level and then walk backwards through the corridor.

The 6 Endings in Grimoire

1. Periwinkle forward in time ending

Go twice forward in time on the Periwinkle mountain. It basically cuts the game short.

2. Spaceship travel ending

After fixing the Metronome Mysterium, use the Havoc Seed on it. This opens the gate to the top of the mountain.

3. Xenozoid diplomatic ending

Bring the Havoc Seed to one of the two bounty hunters (Blackspike Mountains or Dominion Expemplar maps).

4. The Moon crate ending

On the Metronome Mysterium map, open the gate to the Moon map and get into the crate at the end of the level.

5. The Spring of Life crate ending

On the Metronome Mysterium map, open the gate to the Spring of Life map and get into the barrel in a room next to the spring.

6. Ahriman ending

I remember that there is an "evil" ending with Ahriman, but I killed him a long time ago. You probably need to bring the Havoc Seed to him.