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FIRST ACT: Overview of map connections

How the maps of the first act are connected (image created by felipepepe [1]):


WORLD MAP: Overview of all map connections

How all maps are connected to each other (work in progress by felipepepe [2]):


List of all the map names

Briarpatch Woods


Aquavia Causeway

Spirit Caves

Shrine of the Raptor

Village of Crowl

Crusader Temple

Mantor Garrison

Bronze Cauldron

Museum of Magic

Crowl Supply Store


Tomb of Saint George

Cenotaph of the Black Lich

Cenotaph Vault

Pit of Hobknob

The Eyrie

The Wizard's Sky Barge

Gardens of MidKnight

Raptor Grotto

Samhain Gorge

Deepsink Project

Ukluk Mining Company

Chamber of the Waters

Inner Sanctum

Vault of the Exemplar

Crescent Wilderness

Royal Bestiary

Barrow Caverns

Barrow Arbor

Barrow Pits

Fortress of the Dead


Garden of the Oracle

Prophesy Pitfall

Judgement Seat

Chasm of the Oracle

City of Waterport

Hall of Commerce

Loch Lalain

Electrophoresis Works

Smuggler's Hideout

Saltwyrm Caves

Loch Titan

Sargasso of the Kraken

Snark Mistress

Lower Berth of the Snark

H.M.S. Intrepid

Intrepid Upper Deck

Zephyr Isles

White Cliffs

Wildes of Bahomet

Tabernacle of Music

Lower Tabernacle

Orchestral Collonade

Throne of the Skald Maestro

4th Coil

5th Coil

6th Coil

Megalith Spire

Kublai Axis

Parlour of the Mandarin

Imperial Palace

Imperial Treasure Keep

Carnivale Bazaar

Kublai Cathedral

Cathedral Vault

Axis Gaol

Gaol Sewers

Skull Wilderness


Pits of Skulheim

Skull Belfry

Sepulchre of Shades

Orloch's Vault

Antechamber of Orloch

Loom of Shelach

Womb of Shelach

Shelach's Website

Shrine of the Psychopomp

Nerukzan Woodlands

Nerukruel Pyramid

Upper Pyramid

Path of the Elders

Ziggurat Nexus

Pyramid Apex

Domain of Grendel

Desolation of Gideon

Green Quandary

Hecatombs of the Sphinx

Halls of Reflekshun

Well of Reflekshun

Tower of Knossos

Hold of Knossos

Observatory of Knossos

Dominion Crevasse

Dominion Caverns

Dominion Exemplar

Blackspike Mountains

Blackspike Summit

Blackspike Crag

Lair of the White Owl

Raven Wildes

Dark Warren

Bahomet Megalith

Pit of Bahomet

2nd Coil

3rd Coil

Moon Abyss

Haunted Wastes

Astral Plane

Outworld Realms


Pendulum Hall

Pillars of the Owl

Maintenance Level

N-Space Grid


River of Time

Cromlech of the Clock

Mountain Plateau

Spring of EverLife

Hedgemaze of Gideon

Crescent Valley

Harradan Groves

Temple of Hathor-Sogg

Caverns of Zandrithar

Abode of the Horror

Bestiary Underground

Cistern Zero

Spiral Deathtrap

Belfry Tower L1

Belfry Tower L2

Belfry Tower L3

Acme Vending Company

Kroondergraff's Hollow

Bell Tower (cathedral)

Samhain Underworld

Great Hall of Samhain

Samhain Mausoleum

Lalain Falls

The Armory

Sacred Pools

Generator Room

Potentiator Lab

Royal Aviary Park

Nether Passage

Grand Refuge of the Ancients

Ancients Level II

Ancients Level III

Ancients Level IV

Hyperborean Archives

Seal of the Horror

Ruins of Gideon

Donjon of the Mandarin

Celestial Watchtower

Crypt of Monks

Vault of Terror

Bowels of Samhain

Tidal Pumps Station

Seat of the Prophetess

Castle Moravia

Ramparts of Moravia

Moravia Level II

Moravia Level III

Moravia Level IV

Moravia Level V

Moravia Level VI

Moravia Level VII

Royal Throneroom

Axis Coliseum

Enigma Well

Chrytosphere Mount

Guard Barracks

Mystic Forge of the Owl

Eerie Wastes

Hive Labyrinth

Crowl Prison

Crowl Archives

Empress Wasp Mound


Crow's Nest Level One

Crow's Nest Level Two

Crow's Nest Tower

Quiddick Harbor

Gideon Reservoir

Conachur's Cabin

Shrine Subterranea