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To enter the crafting screen, right click on a character avatar and select 'Item Workshop'.

Depending on what kind of combination you are going for, you may need a character with the Mephistics skill (poisoning weapons) or the Alchemistry skill, which doubles as a spellcasting skill for the Thaumaturge. Both Mephistics and Alchemistry are Mental Skills that several classes have.

Here are some of the items you can combine in crafting:

Cure light wounds + Cure Lt. Condition = Cure heavy wounds

Nematic dust + Mandrake root = Paralysis Powder

Piligrim tea + Lithe liquer = ?

Cherry wine + Lithe liquer = ?

Lithe liquer + Cure Lt. Condition = Cure Paralysis

Needle darts + ? = ?

Guache + poison dust = Poisoned Dagger

Poison dust + hunting knife = Poisoned Dagger

Cure heavy wounds + Cherry wine = neutralize poison

Cure heavy wounds + arsenic = ?

Cure heavy wounds + amaranth = ?

Cure heavy wounds + nightshade = ?

Burning oil + draconic bile = ?

Burning oil + stink bomb = super burning oil

Burning oil + neutral medium = ?

Burning oil + cure light condition = neutralize poison

Paralysis dust + poison dust = medusa dust

Paralysis dust + ? = ?

Whiterot + ? = ?

Centaur Bane + ? = ?

Valerian Root + ? = ?

Valerian Root + ? = ?

Valerian Root + ? = ?

Valerian Root + ? = ?

Black Lotus + Arsenic = ?

Dracaena Petals + Arsenic = Poison Dust

Woundwort + Amaranth = Bag of Slumber

Woundwort + Cure lt. wounds = Cure Heavy Wounds

Woundwort + Cure lt. condition = Cure Paralysis

Black Lotus + Arsenic = Poison Dust

Harpy Crown + Blood Tamarinde = Blink

Arsenic + Grave Moss = Wolfbane

Arsenic + Coffin Orchid = Sleep Sand

Whiterot + Peckle plantain = Stink Bomb

Keep in mind: The order of the items you mix matters.

When you click an item on the bench, it tells you what skill you need to mix it and the level of the skill. So far I have seen either Alchemistry or Mephistics (Alchemistry is much more common). I have not found any items that need Nature Lore or Metallurgy, but I have some confidence that the latter exist. Cleve mentioned that a lot of the metallurgy tables are missing, but not all.

Keep in mind that if you click on an item and it says "unknown", it does not neccessarly mean this item cannot be combined with anything. It can also mean that it is not the "primary" ingredient of any recipe but it could be a "secondary". For example, if you click on a Cure Light Condition potion on the bench, it is marked as "unknown". But it is a secondary component to mix with Burning Oil or with Cure Light Wounds.