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To enter the crafting screen, right click on a character avatar and select 'Item Workshop'.

Depending on what kind of combination you are going for, you may need a character with the Mephistics skill (poisoning weapons) or Nature Lore skill. Nature Lore is about mixing ingredients in plants, powders and reagents, a Mental Skill some classes have.

Here are some of the items you can combine in crafting:

Cure light wounds + Cure light condition = Cure heavy wounds

Nematic dust + Mandrake root

Pilgrim tea + Lithe liquer

Cherry wine + Lithe liquer

Cure heavy wounds + Cherry wine = Neutralize potion

Cure heavy wounds + Arsenic

Cure heavy wounds + Amaranth

Cure heavy wounds + Nightshade

Burning oil + Draconic bile

Burning oil + Stink bomb

Burning oil + Neutral medium

Burning oil + Cure light condition = Neutralize potion

Needle darts + ? ( probably poison dust )

Guache + ? ( probably poison dust )

Poison dust + ? ( probably needle dust )

Keep in mind: The order of the items you mix matters.