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Current Version - Grimoire V2.0

Released - August 18th, 2017

Additional Content in Grimoire V2.0

New location: Tomb of Doom (Shrine, Forge, Oracle) - located on the Harradan Groves map

New location: Theosophy Lodge in the Hedgemaze of Gideon (You get the Patron Argent, with which you can buy a level up at each shrine. You need a figurine and password from Tomb of Doom to access the lodge)

New location: Evil Place in the Raven Wildes (You need a password found in the Necropolix under the Fortress of the Dead)

New location: Swamp Shack in the Wildes of Bahomet (Alchemy Bench)

New location: Tattletale Circus in the Nerukzan Woodlands (Rhattu casino with mini-games. To access it, get the password from Raji Khan)

New location: Fissure in the Nerukzan Woodlands (Boss fight and quest related to Tattletale Circus)

New location: Mount Periwinkle (9/10 difficulty climb) - access on the Dominion Exemplar map

  • Periwinkle Village
  • Periwinkle Laboratory (Shrinecrafts book)
  • Periwinkle Kitchen (Hearth, ACME Vending Machine)
  • Periwinkle Chapel (Shrine, +1 CON & +3 WIS fountains)
  • Periwinkle Blacksmith (Hearth, Forge)
  • Titan Underground Lake
  • Titan Mines
  • Periwinkle Hostel
  • Endworld Cabin
  • Cataclysm (Phased Plasma Rifles and Cells)
  • New optional ending (Using the clock twice to go forward)

New gameplay: Spirit Bar (SPI). Can get depleted when encountering evil monsters, leading to fear. Characters with higher DEV attribute (devotion) have better chances not to succumb. To increase the Spirit Bar again, cast Bless, Cerebral Shield or Miracle. Resting at an activated Shrine or at some of the Safe Haven spots also restores the Spirit Bar.


Released: August 18th, 2017

  • Improved Identify on Bone Dagger fixed (and all other similar items)
  • Animation handle assert for validity removed (Crashing in Necropolix when turning statue)
  • Adjustments to interval check on wandering monsters
  • Chucker collection for items thrown in combat fixes
  • Numerous NPCs set to AutoActive after first encounter to assure further meetings
  • Q'Orl Fountain bug fix in Bestiary Underground, wrong CGX key was set
  • Bookcase blocking access to some rooms on the lower berth of the Snark removed
  • Gaol Key for Axis Gaol got one additional charge to open all gates in Axis Gaol
  • Unnamed character crashes character library
  • Halcyonic Lyre now casts "Cone of Cold" instead of "Deep Freeze"
  • Retargeting of spells during combat when switching from party to monsters

Still trying to reproduce retreat bug reported by one user for Black Lich battle ...

Many other small fixes to items, monsters and NPCs requested by users

Most bugs are to address issues directly interfering with game play, not balance yet


Released: August 14th, 2017

Morraha now wanders Kublai Cathedral after initial encounter to provide a way to get the password to the palace.

Interface fixes.

Wandering encounter adjustments.

ESCAPE key exits most dialogue windows now.


Released: August 13th, 2017

Various locks on small buildings in Crowl not working, estimated 5 locks were using wrong link indexes to rotate door to passable. All primary quest locks were tested and working for important buildings like Vanguard Officer's Quarters and Vault, etc. for game logic.

Fixed and tested.


Released: August 13th, 2017

There was a glitch in the Tower of Knossos introduced when the red mosaic panel was set to "NO SLEEP" in order to make another region more interesting. Incredibly, this floor panel was directly underneath the monolith in Knossos Tower which you are supposed to sleep at in order to continue on to the summit. So many interactions in some of this data that a single tiny change can set off a huge series of dominos.

My apologies, this is fixed now. You should be able to ascend the ladder to do battle with Knorlos Knossos. If you were previously stalled in Gideon for this reason you should be able to finish this area now.


Released: August 13th, 2017

Upon returning from a savegame, a cascade of floor pointers I put into the 3rd coil of Bahomet about ten years ago anticipating a feature that never materialized are set to zero, effectively blocking further progress to the top of Bahomet altogether. Massive bug.

I had originally planned for these floors to have animated twinkling lights under them guiding you through the darkness from one pullchain to another to sort of show you what you would be doing next to progress. Never implemented, instead these floor pointers remained set to zero waiting on an animation graphic that never arrived.

I think these floor pointers were put in there back in 1999 and never touched again after that, just sitting there innocuously.

Anyway they are fixed now, my apologies, progress should be possible from any savegame or current game state, now the floors will be present instead of pits under these pullchains.


Hotfix for Skulheim game logic bug.

Under some conditions it was possible to close the pit and then toggle it to open again in the far northeast corner of Skulheim. This meant you would not be able to reach Count Orloch's lair. The button on the wall beside the pit now does nothing. This has not changed any game pointers and should not have any effect other than to make sure the pit is not toggled to open again after being closed.

Sorry, this was a puzzler for me when I was doing the final review. I forgot where that pit was supposed to be closed from and finally did a brute force button beside it, thinking it foolproof. This button could toggle the pit open again making it impassable and dumping you to the floor below every time you would try to cross. This would not prevent you from completing the game but you'd have a nice portion of Skulheim cut off you could not reach. Should be fixed, any other problems notify me and I will look at them right away.


A small change to the way an event stack worked broke the logic for a single NPC called Knok-Knok and his request for us to destroy "demm debil waspishs" in his forest. We never got rewarded for returning to him after completing this quest. This logic was fixed and now even if you have already completed this quest you can go to Knok-Knok for your reward.

This wasn't a critical bug or even a major fix but it restores something that is fun and intrinsic to this region as an experience. Knok-Knok is one of many odd characters we meet wandering around in these maps, some of them hostile, many of them friendly like the tree.


Big fix to a big bug! This should solve all the problems with the "Chance Keys" you sometimes get in a blue moon from monsters! It should also fix several other mysterious crashes.

After examining this problem closely I fixed it. A month ago I installed a Borland C++ compiler 5.0 on a Win 7 machine to recompile a utility used to port the treasure mix database. I didn't know it at the time but there was a bug in the installer that assumed quadword alignment for structures which overrode my compiler switch to use 1 byte packed alignment. When the utility was run it generated a terrible mess which incredibly actually worked most of the time, concealing the fact it was botched up. That data has sat there a corrupt binary just waiting to cause trouble.

I wrote a new utility to sanitize and clean that file and write it out again. That's a 20 year old file that was originally written the first time in Windows 3.1 editor I created with ancient MS VC 1.0 compiler. It is now back to pristine clean binary data.

This should be one of the last kinds of bugs that causes a real assert. The other problems I have checked today invariably turn out to be people still trying to use savegames left over from or config files messed up by bad data in that same build.

This should signify a new era of increasing stability in the game hopefully. I just skipped through a 14 hour playthrough on YouTube somebody made without a single bug encountered - that's the sort of thing I am hoping will be commonplace a week from now.


Released: August 10th, 2017

Hot patch to solve a few minor issues to avoid conflicts.

Duplicate container Canvas Sack found in both Waterport and Quiddick Harbor. (Unlikely to cause a serious problem anywhere but a glitch in game logic)

Toned down Halyconic Lyre from Deep Freeze Power 7 to 2. (Well documented balance problem, an attempt to moderate this bard weapon)

Automatic updates turned back on, now active for future releases.


Force source of truth to globally ID items preset by vendors for display

Fixed Music and Stealth improving on a single learning point success

XP Adjusted on Rockwyrms, Giant Bats, Festerboils and Fire Beetles

Enmity decay fixed for NPCs, they will eventually cool off if atrophy flag set

Confirm end game in Combat dialog

Fixed "animeng" assert #726 Failed link spawn because of monster condition block

Fixed "Knock-Knock" crashing locks with zero difficulty set only opened by keys

Reduced tooltips hover time

Fixed "Amulet of Might" crash on wrong spell channel

Fixed bad CGX index in Samhain Underworld


Okay, it looks like those problems are settled. As always, uninstall after copying out any files important to you, then reinstall new updated version, it will solve these problems

I commented out the user app data folder creation request but forgot to comment out the call to get the permissions token, leaving a security token open that did not have permission to overwrite existing files in some instances. This is fixed.

I am really praying this version can just settle down for a few days, remain stable and function well while I work on the manual. There are many fixes incorporated into this update from requests concerning some basic operations like naming parties and other game start concerns that are fixed in this version. It is like a "RENAME PART" function will be added to the game menu at some point.


Minor crisis averted. I think. Clean out your cache, make sure the game is uninstalled and there are no files lingering in the folder. Make sure your savegames are copied out.

Once the game is installed, copy your RPG100.lib and savegame files back in. Any problems loading them let me know. Use the "fast.qst" file included with this build for the time being until you create your own.

The user data will have to stay in the main folder until I figure out how to get the permissions from the Steam build to create a user app folder on that end. I have turned on automatic updates so it is now actually possible to simply update the .exe and .rsf without losing any of that user data - it is only erased when you uninstall. You may want to backup this file once in while for safety's sake.

I'd like to hear this build is all working again. I just tested it on my two laptops here and it seemed to run fine. Make sure as described above you don't leave old broken files in that directory but your former savegames should load if they were created before or earlier. The versioning is now built-in to the exe and automated with each release compile so that number you see on screen should always match the one written to the log.

I'd like to hear everything is back to normal, relatively. Make sure your version reads "" to make sure you have the version that is live now.


This version should fix existing savegames from and earlier. Unfortunately, any savegames versioned after that will be trashed. I am very sorry about this. From now on, any savegame has the current version number encoded in it when it is saved. If you have any savegames you should copy them someplace safe and then find the GRIMOIRE user app data folder usually under "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\GRIMOIRE" and copy your savegame file into that directory so it will be available to the game the next time it boots. You might want to do the same with your RPG100.LIB to protect any characters you have generated you want to keep.

Savegames, Quickstart file and RPG100.LIB for characters will be moved into a user application data folder under Windows, as well as the configuration file. This will protect your savegame from being overwritten under auto-updates. Now we're in much better shape to go forward.

Inventory accelerators help the player jump a whole screen at a time through inventory to address a complaint in this regard raised many times in the past few weeks.

There are other bug fixes in this build, once it is stable and all current players have updated there will be a detailed log of bug fixes in all future updates. It is hoped that the ongoing, constant improvements to the game engine will soon be transparent and seamless with auto-updates turned on.

I regret that scaling of windows in Fullscreen remains broken on some monitors but I did not turn off the option because 8 out of 10 users have had no problem using that mode. I intend to research this problem and solve it for good. In the meanwhile many users on the forum have volunteered alternative methods to get Grimoire fullscreen filling the monitor at the right ratio, I would suggest trying some of these methods until then if that is important to you.

If your configuration file is ever causing a black screen or crash it is good to delete it from the user application folder above so it generates a default configuration file next time you run the game.


Original Changelog

This adds inventory accelerators to left and right side of inventory bar, a feature very important to a lot of people. Even though I am just trying to eliminate critical bugs that interfere with gameplay at the moment I added this because it has been asked for so many times to make the UI more friendly and quicker to scroll through.

Also very anxious to hear if the bug in Aquavia with Rezpack assert is fixed. In fact, the most important thing to me is to keep eliminating game stoppers. The tweaks and glitches I can fix later.

If you find a bug, remember it will always get fixed if you can describe how to reproduce it.

I will unlock this thread for feedback to make sure this update has not introduced any new problems. If I delete your post here it is because I have written your feedback down and deleted it to make sure I see new feedback added to this thread.

Updated Changelog

This version was a turkey, it trashed everybody's savegames. Terrible error on my part, won't happen again.