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Official Explanation of the Attributes

Cleve's explanation of the attributes in Grimoire:



Attribute Advice

For fighters: SPD/STR/AGI are the most important ones. DEV and/or INT/WIS for more skill points. CON and MET shouldn't be too low. DES is optional.

For spellcasters: SPD is most important. DEV for more mana and INT/WIS for more skill points. According the in-game description, WIL has some effect on spell-casting. CON and MET shouldn't be too low. DES is optional.

The latest experiments show that INT, WIS and WIL have some influence on the success of spell casting, but not too much. The magic skill is the most important part.

Music instruments may be relying on FEL. The diplomat in the party also needs FEL.

Additional Information

  • INT: Intelligence

Increases skillup chance on SUCCESS

According to the latest information from Cleve: "INT and WIS are used for learning in all kinds of contexts, affects spellcasting and lockpicking, is used in inspection and detect secret, also applied to NPC interaction and negotiation."

  • WIS: Wisdom

Increases skillup chance on FAILURE

  • WIL: Willpower

Resistance against mind attacks, maybe some attack bonuses?

  • STR: Strength

The amount of damage dealt in attacks.

Helps with armor penetration (together with AGI).

Determines success to force open doors.

  • CON: Constitution

Carrying capacity for equipped armor and weapons (encumberance).

How well a character deals with afflictions (paralysis, disease, system attacks, etc.)

Determines the amount of spell points needed to restore the character's HP and vitality.

In Grimoire V2, high CON can lead to automatic increases of resistances.

  • SPE: Speed

Who attacks first and additional attacks per round.

  • AGI: Agility

Dexterity and evasion of attacks.

Helps with armor penetration (together with STR).

  • FEL: Fellowship

Equivalent to charisma, important for recruiting and talking to NPC's,

May have an influence on the effectiveness of Music instruments.

  • DEV: Devotion

Determines the rate at which skills are improved.

Influences the amount of mana points you get on levelup (this is also influenced by class).

  • MET: Metabolism

Determines how quickly HP, mana and vitality are regenerated (these are also influenced by race).

Influences recovery from various conditions.

  • DES: Destiny

Increases chance to save from death in fights, "Destiny intervened". On each success, one point of DES is removed, similar to the "9 lives of a cat". Destiny has a 3% success rate with 10 points and up to 60% success rate at 100 points.

Secondary Attributes

  • HP: Hit points

Affected by class on levelup.

How much damage a character can take.

  • MAG: Mana

Affected by class on levelup.

Used to cast spells.

  • VIT: Vitality

Functions like endurace/fatigue, as your vitality lowers during a fight you will fail to do as much damage and will not break through armor or fail to hit (no penetration).

  • SPI: Spirit

Goes down when encountering evil monsters and increases fear in a character. The saving roll is performed against the DEV attribute (devotion). Spirit can be restored with spells (Bless, Miracle, Cerebral Shield) or by sleeping in a safe haven or at an activated shrine.

About the Spirit Bar from the May 4, 2018 update:

This update features the "Spirit" bar (SPI) mechanics now working!

When you encounter a particularly evil or horrifying creature, each party member has to Save VS that monster's appearance with their DEVOTION attribute, which is really their courage in the presence of malevolence.

If they successfully save at the start of the encounter and their SPIRIT bar is kept at maximum, they will not have to save during combat against that creature again.

If they do not save they will begin to accumulate the FEAR condition and have to save each round once again for that monster. Their SPIRIT bar will continue dropping and their FEAR will increase, possibly incapacitating them.

There are several ways that a character's spirit can be restored. One of the most likely ways is to sleep in an identified "Haven" cell (marked as a red flag in the map when pressing the Haven button). The character can also have "Bless" or "Cerebral Shield" or "Miracle" spell cast on them during combat.

It is likely that this mechanic will undergo some adjustments by the time V2 is released but the underlying principles will remain unchanged. Some monsters may have their evil quotient adjusted in response to feedback.

Otherwise, once the SPIRIT bar has dropped, until it is restored the party member grows more fearful in the presence of evil monsters in every combat afterwards until their SPIRIT bar is restored to full.

Addendum : Each time you encounter an evil monster, you are a little less likely to be terrified of them. Each has a threshold after a certain number of encounters after which they will no longer trigger terror in party members."