• guide
  • repo
    • hacks/cfw/wyzecam_v2/cfw-1.1.bin
  • 16gb sd card


  1. delete any partitions on the sd card and create a single 512MB partition (labelled 0b)
  2. install dosfstools (on arch)
  3. create fat32 filesystem
    sudo mkfs.fat -F 32 /dev/sdb1
  4. mount filesystem
  5. copy "cfw-1.1.bin" file to filesystem and rename to "demo.bin"
    sudo cp cfw-1.1.bin /mnt/demo.bin
  6. insert sd card into camera
  7. while holding down setup button plug in usb
  8. continue holding button for 10-20 seconds after the blue light
  9. let go and wait for amber light to stay steady (up to 3 minutes)
  10. put sdcard back into pc. remove demo.bin and copy over all of "firmware_mod"
  11. update config/wpa_supplicant.conf