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General Advice

  • Right Click on a character's action button and select 'Assay' to see the stats of an item. If the item needs to be identified first, select a character with a high Assaying skill to identify it. You can also cast the Identify spell first if your skill is not high enough.
  • By selecting 'Look' instead of 'Assay' you will see a description of the item. Sometimes the descriptions of important items contain hints to their use.
  • When you assay a weapon and it says *Lethal* in the stats, it means that this weapon can trigger a Lethal Blow, even if that character has no Lethal Blow skill. Usually, a high Lethal Blow skill triggers that ability much more often than a weapon.
  • If an item looks scary or evil, it is probably cursed. You can use silver spoons or Remove Curse potions/spells to remove the item if you equipped it.
  • Many chests have randomized items, so if you save and load again before opening it, you will get different items.

List of all Containers

These containers can hold several items of a specific type at a time:

Scroll Case - Spirit Caverns

Magic Sack - Wizard's Sky Barge

Wizard Bag - Samhain Underworld

Quest Locker - Kublai Axis

Potion Rack - Kublai Axis

Huntsman's Quarrel - Gaol Sewers

Canvas Sack - City of Waterport

Pantry - H.M.S. Intrepid

All Purpose Barrel - The Snark

Quest Pouch - Sargasso

Bookcase - Imperial Palace

Barding Kit - Ruins of Gideon

Jewelry Box - Chasm of the Oracle

Ring Pouch - Path of the Elders (Nekruel Pyramid)

Snakeskin Pouch - 3rd Coil

List of early special items in Grimoire

These are among the first items you find in the game:

Galen Apples

You can find them by using 'Look' on a bush in the beginning areas (Briarwoods and Midnight Garden). Galen Apples heal disease.

Black Leeches

These can be found by selecting 'Look' on the shallow water tiles in the beginning areas. Black Leeches heal poisoning and cause minor damage in the process.

Black Lotus (Charm, D4 charges)

Anybody found the Black Lotus in Briarpatch Woods? SE area, where the dragonfly attacks you in an (1 cell) watery area. LOOK and you find a blue flower. Identify it. CHARM 4 charges baby!!

Poison Dagger (2D4 + poisoning enemy)

Briarpatch Woods, where you LOOK and find the Bone Dagger. That treasure is partly randomized. Save Scum and find an amazing additional Poison Dagger there!

Bone Dagger (cursed)

A cursed weapon that disappears in battle after the first attack. Can be used against a ghost due to its Undead attack properties.

Burial Mask (cursed)

Sell it for coin.

Silver Spoons

Using this item casts Remove Curse on a character, so that he or she can remove an equipped cursed item.

List of the best weapons (SPOILERS)

Note: To find out how to get to these locations, go to the World Map overview here.


  • Excalibur (9D8, Lethal) - Ancients Level IV
  • Hellbinder (8D8, Lethal, casts Disintegrate or Cosmic Gate on hit) - in Daemongate (Endgame)
  • Thrice Forged (6D8, Lethal) - end of Bahomet Spire
  • Caliburnus (6D8, Lethal) - Samhain Mausoleum
  • Thunderbolt (6D8, Lethal) - Tabernacle of Music
  • Widower (5D8, Lethal) - end of Skulheim
  • Giant Killer (5D8, Lethal) - Nekruel Pyramid Underground (Grendel Fight) and another one in the Titan Mines
  • Daguero (6D6, Lethal) - from killing Ducat in Pendulum Hall (Blackspike Mountain) or in Nether Passage, etc.
  • Dragonslayer (6D6, Lethal) - Astral Plane (bonuses against dragons and drakes)
  • Flamberge (4D8, Lethal) - Kublai Axis


  • Super Monster Maul (10D8) - Dark Warren (Raven Wildes)
  • Earthbuster (8D8) - 3rd Coil of Bahomet Megalith (usable by Clerics and Bards too)
  • Crackatoa (6D8, Lethal!, extra fire damage) - Ancients Level IV (usable by Clerics and Bards too)
  • Minigolf Mallet of Doom (4D12) - Moravia Level VII
  • Stormbringer (7D6) - Palace Treasure Room (usable by Clerics and Bards too)
  • Skullbuster (6D6) - Samhain Abode of the Horror (usable by Clerics and Bards too)
  • Mjolner (6D6) - Found in Kublai Cathedral Vault. Gives +20 Resistance vs Infernal.
  • Purifier (6D6) - Found in Kublai Cathedral Vault. Gives +30 Resistance vs Infernal and Evil. Can only be used by Cleric and Templar.
  • Bopwanker (5D6, Lethal!) - Titan Mines (one of only two lethal hammers in the game, can be used by everyone except Fey/Aeorb/Durendil and Wizard/Sage)


  • Elite Corps Pike (6D8, Lethal) - buy from Lt. Shrike in Kublai Axis
  • Moon Singer (6D8, Lethal) - Samhain Mausoleum (Perk Item)
  • Sabre Halberd (5D8, Lethal) - Kublai Axis
  • Lucerne Hammer (4D4, Lethal) - Crowl Vanguard Armory


  • Conundrum (6D12, Lethal) - Ancients Level IV
  • Massacre (5D12, Lethal) - end of Skulheim
  • Full Moon (4D8, Lethal) - alternate hand axe, found at the Green Mandarin, gives +20 Resistance vs Mythical.
  • Martel de Fer (3D6, Lethal) - in the Crowl Vanguard Armory


  • Farulosonoth's Staff - Samhain Mausoleum (Perk Item), usable by all magic classes
  • Apocalypse Stave (casts Armor Rot on hit) - in Dark Warren (Raven Wildes), usable by most magic classes


  • Umbilica (6D8) - Cursed for Vitality down, gives +25 vs Astral and Psionic. Found in the Tower of Knossos.
  • Stinger (6D6, Lethal) - in Saltwyrm Caves
  • Graveguide (4D6, Lethal) - in Nekruel Pyramid (usable by Necromancers too)


  • Hadesmonger (6D8) - in Oblivion (Endgame) or by having Ahriman send you there earlier
  • Toxibarb (5D8) - in Nether Passage (combination lock chest)
  • Scourge (6D6) - in Dark Warren (Raven Wildes)
  • Flagellum (3D6) - random chest item, eg. in Samhain Mausoleum


  • Stone Fists (6D8) - Moravia Level VI (usable by Jesters too, causes Poison on a hit, gives +40 to hit, +75 vs mythical/evil creatures. +25 DEATH resistance)
  • Doom Fists (6D6) - Dark Warren (Raven Wildes)
  • Battle Gauntlet (3D8) - Kroondegraf's Hollow


  • Winged Justice (8D8, Lethal, Crossbow) - end of Skulheim
  • Legend Maker (6D6, Lethal, Crossbow) - Refuge of the Ancients
  • Nevermiss (6D6, Sling) - Grand Refuge of the Ancients (usable by Wizards, Clerics and Sages too)
  • Necktwister (3D8, Thrown Weapon) - Lake Titan, stuns on hit (usable only by Clerics, Templars, Necromancers and Sages)


  • Deth-O-Matic 4000 (8D12) - in Periwinkle Titan Mines or purchase with tokens in Endgame
  • Autofire Chaingun (8D12) - purchase with tokens in Endgame
  • Phased Plasma Rifle (6D12) - in Periwinkle Cataclysm or purchase with tokens in Endgame
  • Star Gauntlet (6D6) - start at the Sanctuary or purchase with tokens in Endgame

(Note: Firearms Skill needs to be obtained by starting at the Sanctuary or late in the Endgame)


1. Deth-O-Matic 4000 (8D12, Lasergun) - in Periwinkle Titan Mines or purchase with tokens in Endgame

2. Autofire Chaingun (8D12, Firearm) - purchase with tokens in Endgame

3. Super Monster Maul (10D8, Hammer) - Dark Warren (Raven Wildes)

4. Excalibur (9D8, Lethal, Sword) - Ancients Level IV

5. Conundrum (6D12, Lethal, Axe) - Ancients Level IV

6. Phased Plasma Rifle (6D12, Lasergun) - in Periwinkle Cataclysm or purchase with tokens in Endgame

7. Earthbuster (8D8, Hammer) - 3rd Coil of Bahomet Megalith (usable by Clerics and Bards too)

8. Winged Justice (8D8, Lethal, Crossbow) - end of Skulheim

9. Massacre (5D12, Lethal, Axe) - end of Skulheim

10. All 6D8 weapons: Caliburnus (Sword), Thrice Forged (Sword), Thunderbold (Sword), Crackatoa (Hammer), Elite Corps Pike (Spear), Moon Singer (Spear), Hadesmonger (Lash & Chain)

How to get to Ancients Level IV where many of the best weapons are:

You need to gain access to the Imperial Palace Treasure Room first (either steal key from Khan Raji or finish Skulheim, so he gives it to you). Then you need the Key of the Ancients (one of the five starting areas gives it to you or finish Skulheim and get it there in the cell of the princess).