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The Professions in Grimoire


The Warrior pursues mastery of all martials arts to secure victory in combat.


The Cleric serves a diety and acquires holy power through prayer and devotion.


The Necromancer learns unholy secrets by consulting with the dead and demons.


The Thief develops expertise in the arts of robbery and skullduggery.


The Berserker is a barbarian who manifests a terrible bloodlust in battle. (Note: Has Lethal Blow skill)


The Bard is a wandering performer who acquires many skills in his journeys. (Note: Has Lockpickping, Inspecting and Pickpocketing skills like the Thief)


The Sage is an avid scholar who strives to unearth the riches found in books. (Note: Has Music skill like the Bard, as well as Lockpicking and Inspecting)


The Wizard practices the ancient arts of magic, weaving spells and illusions.


The Thaumaturge harnesses the primitive forces of nature and the elements.


The Ranger acquires his skills in the forest, tracking animals and hunting. (Note: Has Lethal Blow. Can fight short range. Arrow supply in the beginning is limited)


The Templar is a holy knight who quests after adventure and good deeds. (Note: Prestige Class. Basically a Warrior with Cleric spells.)


The Metalsmith studies the construction, use, and employments of weapons. (Note: Has Lethal Blow skill)


The Pirate is a seafaring rogue who hungers for swordplay, robbery and booty. (Note: Prestige Class. Has Lethal Blow)


The Jester is no laughing matter, often sending foes to death with a smile. (Note: Prestige Class. Basically a more deadly Bard. Has Lethal Blow and unique skills)


The Assassin is the master of lethal arts of murder and poisoning. (Note: Prestige Class. Similar to a Ninja in Wizardry)

Attribute Requirements for each Class

Warrrior 45 45 90
Cleric 45 45 45 135
Necromancer 60 60 120
Thief 45 45 90
Berserker 50 45 45 140
Bard 55 55 40 45 155
Sage 60 45 105
Wizard 45 40 45
Thaumaturge 45 50 40 40 95
Ranger 40 40 40 45 45 90
Templar 60 40 50 60 65 235
Metalsmith 50 45 55 105
Pirate 55 50 55 60 50 270
Jester 70 50 60 65 75 75 55 450
Assassin 65 40 50 50 50 50 265

Classes sorted by XP required for Level 2

Some classes need a much lower amount of Experience Points to reach the next Level than others.

Here are all 15 classes sorted by the amount of XP required for Level 2:

Jester 2400 XP

Assassin 2100 XP

Necromancer 1800 XP

Pirate 1400 XP

Templar 1350 XP

Bard 1250 XP

Cleric 1250 XP

Wizard 1200 XP

Thaumaturge 1150 XP

Berserker 1000 XP

Warrior 1000 XP

Ranger 900 XP

Metalsmith 850 XP

Thief 850 XP

Sage 750 XP

Spells for each Class

All classes in Grimoire learn spells. There are 5 basic spell schools associated with a specific specialist who starts learning that school at level 1, as well as Arcanum/Eldritch spells (for which you need to find special spell books and the Eldritch spell page needs to be unlocked). Every class learns spells from a a certain level.

The Spellcaster classes start learning their spells at Level 1:

  • Wizard
  • Cleric
  • Sage
  • Thaumaturge
  • Necromancer

Other classes:

  • Warrior: Wizard spells at level 9
  • Ranger: Thaumaturge spells at 4
  • Thief: Thaumaturge spells at 6
  • Templar: Cleric spells at 3
  • Berserker: Thaumaturge spells at 10
  • Jester: Sage and Wizard spells at 3
  • Bard: Cleric and Wizard spells at 3
  • Metalsmith: Sage spells at 6
  • Pirate: Wizard and Thaumaturge spells at 6
  • Assassin: Thaumaturge and Necromancer spells at 3

Classes that start with crowd control spells

Spellcaster classes that can start with crowd control spells that affect a whole group of enemies:

Cleric = Sleep

Wizard = Charm, Sleep, Blinding Flash, Irritation

Thaumaturge = Blinding Flash, Irritation

Sage = Charm

Necromancer = Insect Swarm (damage and chance for Irritation and Confusion), Brain Rot (Insanity and Confusion), Irritation, Dread (Fear)

How the Bonus Points you roll are used

When you create a character, the bonus points you roll (maximum 32 points) will get used automatically to increase the attributes necessary to reach the class minimum requirements with the race you chose. If you have any bonus points left after that, you can choose to use them in one of three ways:

  • Increase the amount of Hitpoints
  • Increase the attributes (STR, INT, WIS, etc.)
  • Increase the skill points

If you roll less than 15 bonus points you do NOT get to assign the remaining bonus points, this is not a bug.


  • Males & Females have slightly varied starting attributes (males have more STR while females have more DEV).
  • Nobody can start Jester, Pirate, Assassin

Race/Class Combinations: Multiplier Bonuses and Penalties

Some races have a multiplier bonus OR penalty for some classes, which affect character creation and skill points gained per level.

What the Bonus Point Classes and Penalty Point Classes mean:

  • It gives you a multiplier to the amount of skill points you get on levelup
  • On creation it multiplies the unused portion of the bonus points you roll
  • For example, you roll 32 points as an Aeorb -> You choose the Sage class, so that 5 points needed for Aeorb Sage get subtracted and 27 points remain -> Then 27 is multiplied by 2.0 (Sage is a Bonus Point Class for Aeorbs with a multiplier of 2.0), which gives you 54 points you can apply to attributes, hitpoints OR skill points. You also get double skill points on each levelup with an Aerob Sage (2.0 multiplier).

Human: Can't start: Necro, Templar, Jester, Pirate, Assas

  • Female: Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, Thaum, Ranger, Thief, Bers, Metal, Sage
  • Male: Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, Thaum, Ranger, Thief, Bers, Metal, Sage
  • Bonus point classes: None
  • Penalty point classes: None

Drow: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Thaum, Ran, Thi, Bers, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Thaum, Ran, Thi, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Assas(1.8x)
  • Penalty point class: Metal(0.6x)
  • Females can't be berserkers

Barrower: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Bers(1.25x), Metal(1.4x), Thaum(1.3x)
  • Penalty classes: Sage(0.8x)

Wolfin: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Bar, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Cleric(1.2x), Ranger(1.6x)
  • Penalty point classes: Bard(0.8x)

Feyfolk: Can't start: Ran, Tem, Bers, Jes, Met, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Nec, Thi, Bar, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Nec, Thi, Bar, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Assas(1.9x), Necro(1.6x)
  • Penalty point classes: Metal(0.4x)

Saurian: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Bar, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War Thief Bers
  • Male: War, Thief, Bers
  • Bonus point classes: Bers(1.3x)
  • Penalty point classes: Sage(0.5x)

Naga: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Bers, Jes, Bar, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ra, Thi, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Assas(1.5x)
  • Penalty point classes: None

Rhattu: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Bar, Jes, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Thi, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Assas(1.8x), Pirate(1.7x), Thief(1.1x)
  • Penalty point classes: Warrior(0.7x)
  • Females can't be Berserkers & Rangers

Drake: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Bar, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Bers(1.1x), Metal (1.55x), Thaum (1.3x)
  • Penalty point classes: Sage(0.8x)

Leonar: Can't start: Nec, Tem, Jes, Bar, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Beserker(1.2x)
  • Penalty point classes: None

Aeorb: Can't start: War, Ran, Thi, Tem, Jes, Met, Pir, Assas

  • Female: Wiz, Cle, Tha, Nec, Sag
  • Male: Wiz, Cle, Tha, Nec, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Sage(2.0x)
  • Penalty point classes: Metal(0.5x)

Durendil: Can't start: Nec, Bers, Jes, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Thi, Tem, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Tem, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Templar(2.0x)
  • Penalty point classes: Necro(0.7x), Ranger (0.6x)
  • Females can't be Rangers

Vamphyr: Can't start: Cle, Tem, Jes, Met, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Thi, Bers, Bar, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Tha, Nec, Ran, Thi, Bers, Bar, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Assas(1.8x), Necro(1.5x)
  • Penalty point classes: Cleric(0.1x), Temp(0.2x)

Giant: Can't start: Nec, Thi, Tem, Bar, Jes, Pir, Assas

  • Female: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Male: War, Wiz, Cler, Tha, Ran, Bers, Met, Sag
  • Bonus point classes: Warrior(1.5x)
  • Penalty point classes: Assas(0.8x), Cleric(0.7x), Thief(0.6x), Wizard(0.5x)
  • Females can't be Rangers or Berserkers

Best and Worst Combinations (Based on Multiplier Bonuses)

In short, here are the best and worst combinations of race and classes, based on the multipliers:


Saurian Berserker 1.3x

Drake Metalsmith 1.5x

Barrower Thaumaturge 1.3x

Wolfin Cleric 1.2x

Wolfin Ranger 1.6x

Feyfolk Necro 1.6x

Aeorb Sage 2.0x

Durendil Templar 2.0x

Giant Warrior 1.5x

Rhattu Thief 1.1x

Rhattu Assassin 1.8x

Rhattu Pirate 1.7x

Bards and Wizards get no bonus points from any race.


Drow Metalsmith 0.6x

Feyfolk Metalsmith 0.4x

Aeorb Metalsmith 0.5x

Barrower Sage 0.8x

Drake Sage 0.8x

Saurian Sage 0.5x

Wolfin Bard 0.8x

Rhattu Warrior 0.7x

Durendil Necro 0.7x

Durendil Ranger 0.6x

Vampyr Cleric 0.1x

Vampyr Templar 0.2x

Giant Thief 0.6x, Wizard 0.5x, Cleric 0.7x, Assassin 0.8x

Complete Table: Race/Class combinations with multiplier bonus

Here is the complete table of the multiplier bonuses for each race & class combination.

Note: In Grimoire V2, the maximum amount of points you can roll during character creation went up from 32 to 48. This means that Assassins can now be created in the beginning with multiple races and Rhattu Pirates can be created with a maximum roll of 48. The Jester ist the only class that cannot be created in the beginning.

[x/y] x= attribute needed or bonus if underlined, y= attribute and skill multiplier

  • [male]
  • (female)
  • rollable (<=32) (In Grimoire V2, 48 points can be rolled now instead of just 32.)
  • unrollable (>32) (In Grimoire V2, 48 points can be rolled now instead of just 32.)
  • eligible to bonus (<=16)
  • hightened roll multiplier (>1.0)
  • lowered roll multiplier (<1.0)


How many points you need to roll a prestige class at character creation (maximum roll is 48 points or 6D8):

  • Drow Assassins need 34 points
  • Naga Assassins need 34 points
  • Feyfolk Assassins need 35 points
  • Vamphyr Assassins need 39 points
  • Rhattu Assassins need 41 points
  • Durendil Assassins need 45 points
  • Rhattu Pirates need all 48 points

The Jester is a dream class that is not rollable with any race. The lowest amount you'd need are 145 points with a Durendil. Only a Bard can change classes into a Jester during the game.

The best way to get a Jester is to multiclass several times, while saving (not using) the extra attribute points you get on each level up. When you finally change class into a Bard, use those extra attribute points to reach the minimum attribute requirements of the Jester.

Levelup mechanics

When you levelup you will typically receive the following:

1-30 HP (class dependent, but all can get at least10 typically)

1-25 Mana (class dependent, but all can get at least10 typically)

1-3 Attribute increase (class dependent)

1-3 Attribute increase (class dependent)

1-3 Attribute increase (class dependent)

1-6 Bonus attribute points (you can assign yourself)

5-50(or more) skill points (you can assign yourself)

1-4 Spells (class dependent)

According to the developer, the DEV attribute (devotion) influences how much mana you get at level up.

The minimum and maximum HP, mana and skill points you receive on levelup all depend on CLASS. For example:

Metalsmith Levelup

5-15 HP

8-16 Mana


On Level Up:

  • Hitpoint gains are 100% class-based.
  • VIT gains are 100% attribute-based (CON attribute).
  • Mana gains are mostly attribute-based (DEV attribute), but do have some minor adjustments for class.
  • Attribute gains are 100% class-based.

None of these are impacted by the race/class bonus multipliers (or by the race itself). They also are not affected by being dual-classed (unlike what I thought previously).


Approximate average HP gain per level for each class:

18.0 - Berserker

16.5 - Warrior

13.5 - Pirate, Jester, Templar, Ranger

9.5 - Bard

8.5 - Metalsmith

8.0 - Assassin

7.0 - Thief

6.0 - Thaumaturge

5.0 - Cleric, Wizard

4.0 - Sage, Necromancer


Vitaltiy gains are CON-based. Vitality gain on level up is approximately equal to:

12.5 + (CON * 0.75)


Mana gain on level up is mostly DEV-based (devotion). I'm not sure of the exact mechanics, but you receive almost exactly 50% more MP at 80 DEV than you do at 40 DEV.

Pure mages definitely have a broader range of results than fighter types, but in terms of average MP gain, there is less difference than you might exepct.

At 40 DEV, the average gain for most classes is 10 MP per level.

Pirates and Jesters were slightly lower, around 9 MP per level. Sages, Thaumaturges and Clerics were closer to 10.5 MP per level. Necromancers were closer to 11.5 MP per level. Wizards were closer to 12.5 MP per level.

(I did enough trials that most of these numbers should be accurate, but it's always possible that I had unexpectedly lucky/unlucky results for some class.)


For the three fixed attribute gains on level up:

  • The five mental-skill dominant classes (the pure magic classes including Cleric) gain only INT, WIS, and DEV. They gain in all three stats every level!
  • The three physical-skill dominant classes (Thief, Ranger, and Bard) receive the majority of their points in CON, WIL, and FEL. They also receive some points in INT, WIS, and DEV. They never get points in the other stats.
  • The other classes are martial-skill dominant (Berserker, Warrior, Pirate, Templar, Metalsmith, Assassin, Jester) and receive their points spread across all attributes. They gain 2-3 at a time of STR, SPE, and AGI, and 1-2 at a time of the others. (1 seems to be more common for INT, WIS, and DEV, and 2 more common for CON, WIL, and FEL, but that's not clear enough for me to be sure it's a real effect.)


You can change class after lvl 4, if you have the attributes required for the class and each class have limited choice to select a new one. After you change your class, your attributes reset to the racial standard stats with the required class stats you changed. Skills, HP, mana, VIT and spells are kept. If you don't spend attributes points they are also kept, same with spells. XP required to lvl-up is boosted by 25% for your new class.

Outgoing class changes allowed:

  • Warrior: Berserker, Pirate, Ranger
  • Wizard: Necromancer, Sage, Thaumaturge
  • Cleric: Bard, Sage, Templar
  • Thaumaturge: Necromancer, Sage, Wizard
  • Necromancer: Sage, Wizard, Thaumaturge
  • Ranger: Warrior, Thief, Assassin
  • Thief: Bard, Pirate, Assassin
  • Templar: Warrior, Cleric, Bard
  • Berserker: Warrior, Pirate, Ranger
  • Jester: Thief, Bard, Assassin
  • Bard: Cleric, Jester, Sage
  • Metalsmith: Warrior, Berserker, Pirate
  • Pirate: Thief, Berseker, Assassin
  • Assassin: Warrior, Thief, Berserker
  • Sage: Cleric, Wizard, Thaumaturge

Incoming Class changes allowed:


Spell interactions with multiclassing:

Spells available to learn on level-up are based ONLY on your current class. The list of spells available do not transfer between classes. E.g., if you are a level 10 cleric and multiclass into templar, you do not get spell picks for your first two templar levels, and when you start learning spells from the Cleric list at templar level 3, you only get the spells available that a level 3 templar (level 1 Cleric) would get.

More info on multiclassing

You can class change upon reaching level FOUR (not level 3, as stated in some of the guides).

Changing classes does NOT affect your resistances, so if they were buffed by your class/race combo multiplier at character creation, that buff remains. As is well documented elsewhere, your attributes are reset to minimum for your new combo (but unused bonus pts are retained). Skills are not affected, nor are HP, Vitality, etc.

When you change classes, your level is reset to 1. Your xp is not reset, and neither is your xp needed to level up. Instead, the xp needed to reach level 2 in your new class is ADDED to your previous goal (for level 5 in your old class). Essentially, you pay a "penalty" of forfeiting the xp towards your next level up in your old class, in order to switch.

Reaching level 3 requires the same amount of new xp as it would for anyone in that class.

Also, you cannot change back to a previous class.